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Red Dead Online patch notes: get a free treasure map and three collectibles

Red Dead Online
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The latest Red Dead Online patch notes are good news for players looking to craft, cook, or otherwise create stuff out in the wilderness, with Rockstar dishing out heaps of rewards for all.

There's a bit of a trifecta of freebies this week, and you can claim all three parts very easily. The first time you craft anything at a campfire, you'll receive three free collectibles. Likewise, the first time you craft something at Gus' store, you'll get a free hat (below rank 15). And finally, purchasing any pamphlet this week will net you a free treasure map. That's on top of this week's login rewards, which include five gun oil and 50 small game arrows. 

This being a day that ends in "y", there's also a slew of discounts in this week's Red Dead Online patch notes. Here are the many ways you can save:

  • 50% off all fishing lures, as well as predator and herbivore bait
  • 40% off tonic crafting pamphlets, the bow, and the improved bow
  • 40% off clothing at Gus' story
  • 30% off weapon crafting pamphlets and the fishing rod
  • 30% off trinkets and improved bow variants at Gus' story

As always, Amazon Prime subscribers who've linked their Prime Gaming accounts to Rockstar's network will receive some extra bonuses, including a free Bounty Hunter license, an award for the trimmed amethyst bounty wagon livery, any poncho, an off-hand holster, and 100 rounds of high velocity and explosive revolver rounds. 

You can view the full patch notes on Rockstar's newswire

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