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Red Dead Online patch notes: New Year's bonuses plus new freebies each week

Red Dead Online
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The latest Red Dead Online patch notes lay out a month of weekly rewards to go with the multiplayer mode's New Year's bonuses, which include an extra-large array of goodies and discounts.

January will see a suite of event and activity boosts, with Call to Arms granting triple ability card XP, Featured Series offering double RDO$ and XP, and A Land of Opportunity missions dishing out double RDO$, XP, and gold. 

Players can get Role items like the Butcher's Table, Collector's Bag, Moonshine Shack, and Sample Kit for five gold bars off as well, and claim a Bounty Hunter License for free by clearing the Destroyed By Grief finale. Other Role boosts include a free saddle for a three-day challenge streak in any Role. 

A range of limited-time clothing has also returned alongside easily accessible weapons like the Lancaster Repeater and Double Action Revolver, which have had their rank requirements removed. If you're looking to make a new you for the new year, you can get an appearance change for 50% off, and add any hat, Mustang horse, or Nokota horse to your arrangements for 30% off. 

Each week will also see an additional set of rewards and discounts, with the first batch available now through January 10. A new batch will arrive every Tuesday for the rest of the month. You can find a breakdown of all the rewards, and some finer points from the patch notes, on Rockstar's newswire

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