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Isle of Armor dojo upgrades: Everything you can spend your Watts on in the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion

Isle of Armor dojo upgrades
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Isle of Armor dojo upgrades become available right after you defeat Avery. Honey tells you that for the small price of millions of Watts, she can spruce up the Master Dojo in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC with plenty of useful items and features. Thing is, you don't actually know what you're saving up for because she only tells you the next upgrade in the list. So without further ado, here are all of the Isle of Armor dojo upgrades you'll need to get if you hope to complete every aspect of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor expansion.

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Isle of Armor dojo upgrades

Isle of Armor dojo upgrades

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Dojo Upgrades in the Isle of Armor start off cheap, but very quickly get expensive. If you've been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield since launch and not stopped competing in raid battles and the like, then chances are you'll have more than enough Watts for everything. Just jumping back in for the new expansion? Unlucky; you've got some saving to do, trainer. Here are all of the dojo upgrades, along with how many Watts each one costs:

Dojo UpgradeCost (Watts)
Hair Stylist5,000
Rotomi Terminal10,000
Software for Rotomi Terminal20,000
Vending Machine (Water only)30,000
Soda Pop for Vending Machine40,000
Lemonade for Vending Machine50,000
Refrigerator for camp ingredients100,000
Protein and Iron for Vending Machine200,000
Calcium and Zinc for Vending Machine300,000
HP Up and Carbos for Vending Machine400,000
Dojo League Card Background500,000
Honey's League Card800,000
Battle against Honey1,000,000
Walk with Honey for Rare League Card3,280,000

Yeah... you're going to need over three million Watts to unlock everything. A hefty amount, but here are some tips for earning more Watts:

  • Give Armorite Ore to the Digging Pa, who will dig for Watts for you. You can get more Armorite Ore by tracking down the Digging Ma, who can spawn anywhere on the island.
  • Interact with every single raid den you see as you pass it.
  • You can also do the "Watt farming exploit", explained in this YouTube video from Austin John Plays. Despite the video being from November 2019, it allegedly still works. As always, perform exploits/glitches at your own risk.

Good luck saving up Watts, trainer!

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