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Pokemon Go Mega Energy: How to get the stuff you need to Mega Evolve

Pokemon Go Mega Energy
(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go Mega Energy is the latest consumable you'll need to collect loads of in Pokemon Go, thanks to the recent introduction of Mega Evolutions. While it functions in a similar way to candy, the method for how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go is somewhat different thanks to the limited pool of Pokemon you can use it on. So without further ado, let us explain exactly how Pokemon Go Mega Energy works and how you can get your hands on more of the stuff. 

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How to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

How to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

(Image credit: Niantic)

Mega Energy is actually somewhat simple to obtain, you just need to co-operate with other players. Mega Energy is unique to each Pokemon — to evolve Blastoise into Mega Blastoise, you'll need Blastoise Mega Energy, for example. You also need 200 Mega Energy for each Pokemon to evolve it, which is a fair whack.

To get Mega Energy, you have to defeat that specific Pokemon in a raid. Currently, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise raids can be found at gyms all over the world, plus the introduction of the Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass means you don't need to physically be at the location anymore.

Mega Raids are around the same level of difficulty as tier five raids though, which means you'll need some pals to help you out. Depending on the levels of the trainers battling, you'll need anywhere from four to seven or eight players to guarantee you'll take the raid boss down. If you don't know people in real life to join you though, there are plenty of groups online where you can schedule remote raids and invite some people to help you out. As always though, be careful when adding strangers on Pokemon Go!

Taking down each Mega Raid boss can reward you with anywhere from 35-55 Mega Energy, depending on how long it took you to defeat it. The bonus balls from team contribution are now long gone, as they've been replaced by speed bonuses instead. No matter how long you take, completing six raids for each mega evolution will net you enough candy to Mega Evolve it. You can also earn a specific Pokemon's Mega Energy via the special research task A Mega Discovery, which is linked above in the intro if you want to read up on our dedicated guide for that.

That's all there is to it! Chances are, how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go will become easier over time as more methods are introduced, but for now the primary way is to defeat the raid bosses. Good luck, trainer!

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