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Pokemon comes to Nintendo Switch (but probably not the one you want) and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon hit 3DS in November

If you were holding out hope for a full-fledged, proper Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch - like those Pokemon Stars rumors have been pointing to for quite some time - this wasn't your day. But at least you'll have a good opportunity to catch up on existing Pokemon games this fall if you missed any.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company revealed a set of new releases for the rest of this year in a Direct presentation today, but they all sound pretty familiar. The company confirmed plans to release updated versions of Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Pokemon Gold and Silver all by the end of 2017.

Pokken Tournament DX will be the first Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch when it arrives on September 22. It will include additional Pokemon to take into battle and support all of Switch's play modes: dock the console to play against friends on the big screen or online, do network play with multiple Switch consoles, or slide off the Joy-Cons for local play in tabletop mode.

3DS Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver will also come out on September 22. Just like with the Pokemon Red and Blue Virtual Console re-releases, these versions will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank app.

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Last up for 2017 (assuming no new Pokemon announcements come when we watch the E3 2017 Nintendo Direct) are Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for 3DS. These are 'alternate stories' to the original game, still taking place in the Alola region but following a different narrative and featuring Pokemon that didn't appear in the original games. So not a Platinum-style "all in one" compilation, but not quite a direct sequel like Pokemon Black and White Versions 2 either.

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