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Peter Parker writes his own theme song in Spider-Man: Homecoming and it's terrible

If you’re old enough (or just a Spidey fanatic) you may remember Spider-Man once had his own incredibly 60s campy theme song. From the looks of a really well-hidden prop on a publicity tour, Peter Parker is looking to top that in Spider-Man: Homecoming with a so-bad-it’s-good-no-wait-it’s-actually-awful theme song. Ed Sheeran he is not.

The obscured lyric sheet, which you can see below, comes from a Spider-Man: Homecoming whirlwind tour of Japan. The lyrics even resemble the 1960s ‘classic’ with its kitsch over-dramatic style. It’s a cool Easter egg if nothing else.

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My favourite lyric? You can’t really beat “There’s a crime! He hears the call/A streak of light seen by all” now, can you? It’s such a far cry from Tobey Maguire’s angst in Spider-Man 3 and I LOVE IT.

Compare it to original theme song below and decide which is better (less terrible?). This being the internet, it won’t be long before someone actually creates the earworm-inducing hum-worthy tune. And I’ll hate them for it.

Image: Marvel

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