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Parasite Eve heading to PSN to promote The 3rd Birthday

Just in time to promote its PSP sequel, The 3rd Birthday, Square Enix announced Tuesday that they will release the original Parasite Eve on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 and PSP. Parasite Eve II will follow later this month. All that nostalgia will cost you $10 dollars a title.

You may have noticed that the game that these releases are promoting, The 3rd Birthday, lacks the words 'Parasite Eve' in the title. That's because the original game was based on a sci-fi novel in Japan. Square Enix no longer holds the rights to make new games based off of the book, meaning the words Parasite Eve had to be dropped from the game's title. Already out in Japan, The 3rd Birthday will be released in North America on March 29 and in Europe on April 1. No joke.

Above: The launch date trailer for The 3rd Birthday

Mar 16, 2011

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