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"One of the grossest things the show has done" – Fans react to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 15

Eugene in The Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead season 8 is winding down. Except it isn’t really winding down, is it? The penultimate episode of the season saw one of the show’s all-time biggest gross-out moments, several shocks, and a couple of moments that will hit fans right in the feels. There’s also complaints too because… duh. Spoilers to follow.

RIP Simon

We finally got what we wanted this week. After Simon’s scheming bit him on the backside, the two big dogs of the Saviors went head-to-head. Who would win? Negan, or Trevor from GTA? As it turns out, Negan regained his place at the top of the mountain – and Lucille wasn’t even used! Simon now takes pride of place propping up a fence outside The Sanctuary. *sniff*

A sick plan

Forget Chekhov's gun. This week was all about Eugene’s garlic gruel. It looked grim enough to begin with and we all knew that culinary timebomb was going to go off at some point. And when it did… Poor Rosita. She took the brunt of Eugene’s putrid puke – and fans weren’t happy.

Dead Letter Days

If you stuck with GamesRadar, you already knew what was coming in both of Carl’s letters to Rick and Negan. But, still, it must have made more than a few of you well up. If this is the last we’ll truly see (and hear) of Carl in The Walking Dead then it’s been one helluva run.

The blind leading the blind

Gabriel is still sticking around, folks. Sure, he’s looking more than a little worse for wear, but, after a stern talking to by Eugene (how cool did he look upon his return, by the way?) he now seems to be aiding the war effort. Or is he? I’m guessing the man in the dog collar has one more trick up his holy sleeve.

Next week: it all ends?

It didn’t feel like a lead-in to a season finale this week. And that’s where most of the grumbles with this episode lie. Yeah, Dwight is inadvertently leading Rick into a trap, but there’s not much else to care about, is there? Let’s hope the ever-dragging feud between Rick and the Saviors comes to a bloody, bloody end, for all of our sakes.

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