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The cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles, prices, and deals in December 2021

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Nintendo Switch Lite price
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Nintendo Switch Lite bundle deals can include free games and accessories, but straight price cuts have also become more and more frequent in recent months as well. Right now, though, we're playing a waiting game. Nintendo Switch Lite deals are thin on the shelves this week, with little stock available in the US and bundles running slightly dry in the UK. 

As it stands today, it's difficult to find stock in the US. We're bringing you all the stock we do find right here, and keeping our ears close to the ground for even a whisper of handhelds hitting the shelves. In the meantime, we'd recommend checking in with the retailers below for more updates.

The Nintendo Switch Lite price is $199 / £199, which makes it significantly cheaper than the fully fledged console. Plus, we see far more Nintendo Switch Lite deals than we do Nintendo Switch bundles, largely due to the fact that the handheld only model is in much higher supply than the fully fledged console. If you're not concerned with docking your console, then, the Nintendo Switch Lite price is far more appealing.

But what makes it a better choice than the full-sized Nintendo Switch? Here's what you need to know:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite: The new Nintendo Switch Lite is pitched as an entry-level console for kids or anyone playing on the go. It's a lot cheaper as a result, and can still run most of the same games. The downside? It's handheld only and can't be used on TV. It also lacks some features like detachable controllers and joypad rumble.
  • Nintendo Switch (standard): For lack of a better word, this is the 'full' console experience. Offering detachable controllers that can be shared between two people and a portable screen that allows you to play on TV or in handheld mode, it's perfect for multiplayer and single-player games. However, it is more expensive.

For more information, head over to our guide on Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite. We'll be keeping a close eye on the Switch Lite stock situation in the US, and bringing you all the latest updates right here.

Nintendo Switch Lite bundles - USA

Stock is running a little low on the Nintendo Switch Lite right now, which means bundles and deals are being reserved for the holiday sales at the end of the month. However, you'll find the odd spattering of stock across the web. Best Buy has certain color variants in stock for the standard MSRP, but we don't know how long they will hold out.

Nintendo Switch Lite | $199.99 at Best Buy

Nintendo Switch Lite | $199.99 at Best Buy
We aren't seeing too many Nintendo Switch Lite bundles available in the US right now, so we'd recommend picking up your console by itself and taking advantage of the many game deals on the shelves to secure a saving this week.

Nintendo Switch Lite bundles - UK

Nintendo Switch Lite | Stealth carry case | £199.99 at Argos

Nintendo Switch Lite | Stealth carry case | £199.99 at Argos
The Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a free carry case at Argos right now - excellent value if you're looking to keep your handheld protected from day one. Linked here is the grey model, but you'll find all the colorways available just below. 

Turquoise | Pink | Yellow

Nintendo Switch Lite | New Pokemon Snap | £239.99 at Very

Nintendo Switch Lite | New Pokemon Snap | £239.99 at Very
There are very few Nintendo Switch Lite bundles on the shelves right now, so while you're not saving any cash on this offer from Very, it is one of the only ways to get a console and a game straight from the off.

Nintendo Switch Lite accessory deals

No matter which version of Switch you go for, it's well worth grabbing a few key Nintendo Switch accessories along the way. As well as more obvious extras like the best case for Nintendo Switch or the best Nintendo Switch headset, it’s a good idea to look out for the best Nintendo Switch chargers or an SD card too. Both consoles only come with a meagre 32GB of memory as standard, so you'll need something a little bigger to make sure you don’t run out of space. 

We'd also consider browsing for some extra things to play via our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch game sales. A few of the console's most popular games are on offer right now, allowing you to get maximum bang for buck.

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SanDisk 128GB MicroSD

The best Nintendo Switch Lite SD card

Storage: 128GB | Format: MicroSDHC, microSDXC | Features: Transfer speeds up to 100MB/s, A1 performance class, class 10 speed rating for HD video

Relatively cheap
Plenty of storage space
Will last you a while
Easily lost

One of the few issues with any Nintendo Switch is its lack of storage space. The Switch Lite is no different. It's a pain when you grab a new game but have no space to install it or save your progress without deleting something else, so the SanDisk Ultra 128GB SD card is a must-have. While there are bigger and smaller alternatives, this one only costs around $30 and quadruples the Switch's internal memory. That should allow you to store between five and ten big games.

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(Image credit: Orzly)

Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite carry case

The best Nintendo Switch Lite case

Features: Hard EVA shell, space for cables, games, and smaller accessories

Space for small accessories
Tough EVA shell
Could do with more padding

Because of the Lite's portable nature, you’re likely to be carrying it from place to place in the great outdoors. To keep it safe, a carry case is essential. Orzly cases for the original Switch are excellent, so grabbing the Lite version (which can come in matching colors, by the way) is a no-brainer. The hardened outer shell contains plenty of room for your console, games, and any other accessories you might want to take with you on the road.

How to find the best Nintendo Switch Lite bundles

Nintendo Switch Lite bundles are far easier to find than discounts on the main console, especially in the US. While there are still fewer bundles on offer when compared with the UK, you'll usually find a memory card or game taking a discount with a console. 

Wherever you're shopping, though, it's still worth making sure your getting the right Nintendo Switch Lite deals for you. The first thing you should check when you've found a deal is the current price of the included game or accessory at other retailers. 

Third party resellers often jack the Nintendo Switch Lite price up, which means you'll want to double check it's not cheaper to simply pick up your console and game separately. Make sure you're never buying a Nintendo Switch Lite bundle that costs more than $199 / £199 plus the price of your game (usually $50-$60 / £40-£50). 

If you can wait, its also worth holding onto your cash until Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals roll around - and Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals. Like other major holiday sales periods, these discounts are often far better than everyday savings and offer up some of the rarest bundle deals as well. 

Where to find more Nintendo Switch Lite deals

If the offers above aren't looking so hot to you right now, there are plenty of retailers we would recommend for more Nintendo Switch Lite deals. You'll find all our go-to stores just below. 



Want cheap Nintendo Switch controller deals? Don't forget to check out our guide. For more savings, it's also worth noting that we're expecting some excellent Black Friday Pokemon deals this year as well.

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