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New plot details for Inception!

Christopher Nolan has finally revealed some of the mystery surrounding Inception - and not a moment too soon!

For those of you who have joined our coverage, watched the trailers, read the articles and been generally perplexed by the whole thing, help is at hand - we actually know what's going on now; dream thievery!

Di Caprio plays an Extractor; someone who steals people’s dreams - not in a creepy, Kruger-esque manner, but in order to pilfer ideas and information from the minds of corporate bigwigs... there, better now? No, us neither.

For those of you still confused and wanting to know more, the information drop was accompanied by the start of the viral campaign - which will have fans of Nolan's The Dark Knight salivating at their keyboards.

Press were given goodie bags containing a t-shirt, featuring a picture of the 'Dream Machine' - a briefcase-contained device that screams 'cold war' louder than a bladdered Cossack circa 1981.

Cool yes, but that's not all...

On the back of the t-shirt there is a QR code (one of those weird digital cubes marketing types have been using recently), which when scanned by a webcam leads to this site;

The site contains an instruction manual for this 'Dream Machine', or the MV-235A Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous (PASIV) Device, to be exact.

Nine pages of techno-guff later, and you arrive at Stage 2 of the campaign; - a viral game which is supposed to reveal more about the plot, but since we're no good at games we're waiting for one of you lot to solve it and tell us what's going on!

Hopefully between the marketing campaign, the viral campaign and press interviews with Nolan, DiCaprio, et al, we might actually learn a little more about this sci-fi mind bender before it is released this summer.

We are certain of one thing, however - we can't wait!

Fan of The Dark Knight viral campaign? Intent on following the Inceptio n treasure hunt? Let us know!

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