New Codemasters WWII game out this summer

Codemasters have today announced that they will be publishing Soldiers: Heroes of World War II for the PC this summer.

The fast-paced tactical strategy game is designed to play like a Hollywood war movie set across the battlegrounds of Europe and includes both single-player and online/LAN multiplayer modes. The 25 missions can each be approached using a variety of different tactics. So, rather than being forced to tackle each level in a specific manner, you can choose to utilise anything from low-key stealthy manoeuvres to simply charging in there, guns blazing.

Players have the option to take command of British, American, German or Russian special forces, each of which has authentically modelled WWII vehicles (of which there are 100 in all) and 25 different weapons at their disposal. Even the ammo is based on real designs. Indeed, Codemasters promise that "you'll experience totally realistic penetration physics." Ahem. Naturally, the environment is fully-destructible, allowing buildings to be destroyed and the landscape to become scarred, while it's also possible to commandeer enemy weapons and ammo.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the game - the first to be developed by Ukrainian coders Best Way - is the interface, which we're told combines the best of RTS and 3D action gaming, allowing you to both take command of entire units or individual soldiers. Meanwhile, the high degree of detail means that it's possible to pinpoint specific targets, so you can shoot off an enemy's helmet before finishing them off with bullet in the cranium. To download a trailer showing the game in action, take a look at the .

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II will be released for PC this summer