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Morgan Freeman to be honoured at Golden Globes

He’s starred in countless modern classics and played a range of characters that stem from an American president, Nelson Mandela to God…

But only now is Morgan Freeman receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award treatment for his troubles, with the Golden Globes folk deeming him worthy of the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille award at next January’s ceremony.

Previous recipients of the award include Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Audrey Hepburn.

The 74-year-old veteran has previously only won a single Globe (for Driving Miss Daisy ), but has been nominated a total of 4 times.

He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2005 for his work in Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby .

Freeman will next be seen reprising his role as Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight Rises ,which opens on 20 July 2012.