Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Prologue: Parking

Above: All wrappers from Prologue

Wrapper No. 1

After dispatching your first crawling zombies, hop over the hood of the school bus then run to the left of the bus in front of you to find the game’s first wrapper. This is in the same area as the second classmate in distress.

Wrapper No. 3

While escorting the third classmate, you’ll have to saw through a gate. On the other side, look to your right for a school bus. There’s a wrapper on the on the other side of that bus.

Wrapper No. 2

As you proceed through the alleys, you’ll receive an arrow prompt to jump up onto an object. Once you do, turn right and head through the gap in the fence to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 4

When you get back onto the street you’ll be ambushed by 26 zombies. Run to the far end of the road, near the barrier, to find another wrapper.