Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Stage 5: Cathedral

Above: All wrappers from Stage 5

Wrapper No. 31

Just after following the arrow prompt and leaping over a car into the parking garage, you’ll spot a pickup truck in the far right corner with a barrel on it. Shoot the barrel to reveal the wrapper.

Wrapper No. 32

You’ll reach a point where you have to saw through a white car and a gate before reaching a distressed classmate. The wrapper is next to that classmate, behind the white SUV.

Wrapper No. 33

When you reach the portion where a school bus crashes through a fence and starts dropping off zombies, a fat zombie will emerge from beneath a vehicle, right near the bus door. The wrapper will then appear.

Wrapper No. 34

After the cutscene where Rosalind uses the wrecking ball to create a hole in the wall, you’ll be facing said hole. Instead of heading through, head left to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 35

In the area you reach after dropping from the elevator, get to ground level and look in the corner for a trampoline. Use this to reach a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 36

This wrapper is in the room where you need to plug the drain by sawing through the four support columns. Once the platform drops, so will the wrapper.

Wrapper No. 37

This is in the corner of the area near the end of the stage, where you get swarmed by 30 zombies.