Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Stage 4: Fulci Fun Center

Above: All wrappers from Stage 4

Wrapper No. 25

As soon as Stage 4 begins, head over to the right side of the room to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 26

This wrapper is in the center of the Pac-Man maze, but only after you’ve collected all eight keys first.

Wrapper No. 28

Immediately after leaving the Pac-Man room, you’ll be in another arcade room, facing a shop. Turn around to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 29

Upon entering the third arcade machine, you’ll be in a room with a bounding white block. Finish this room, but just before heading out the door underneath the word “goal,” head left for a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 27

On the rooftops, just after emerging from the third arcade machine, walk forward to the end of the area and check behind the green units on the left for a wrapper. You can collect this after you defeat all the enemies and bring down the chopper, but just make sure not to get to close to the next arcade machine or things will progress and you cannot return to the wrapper without starting the entire stage over.

Wrapper No. 30

Just after the fourth arcade machine game, you’ll finally be on the roof. Use the object to the left of the shop you face after the loading screen to reach the stage’s final wrapper. Make sure to bash the B/Circle button fast enough to make the distance. Otherwise, reload your last checkpoint.