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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Count Dooku: Weapons Factory


Special skills needed: None

Take control of the top-left battle space, and build three machines, BUT NOT ON the space where a special panel appears if you walk on top of it. After you build three machines, that special panel will open up to reveal a Minikit.


Special skills needed: Bounty Hunter

Activate the Bounty Hunter panel at the top-left of the first section of this level, then destroy 50 droids in the time limit.


Special skills needed: Astromech

Assemble and activate the panel to the right of the starting area. Collect the many blue studs that appear.


Special skills needed: High Jump

In the middle of the battlefield, there's a tall rock. Use High Jump to get to the top and then High Jump again to grab the floating Minikit.


Special skills needed: None

Again, build up until you can get a Minikit Dispenser.

NOTE: You should wait until just before you enter the cave to do this, because every time you trigger a new cutscene, the battlefield is wiped clean and you have to start from scratch.


Special skills needed: None

Smash the five red crystals in the cave area.


Special skills needed: Explosives, Force

Blast through the white web and rocks near the right of the entrance to the cave. Walk through, wall jump up the wall to the left, and use the Force to place the egg under the dinosaur.


Special skills needed: Astromech

After the first triangle puzzle, head right and use the Astromech panel.


Special skills needed: Explosives

After the second triangle puzzle, head right, blast the curtain, and grapple the hook.


Special skills needed: Force

During the boss battle, use the Force on the five fans spread throughout. Be prepared to lose a fair amount of studs as you will be very vulnerable to attack while you do this.