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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Goddess Cube guide

Lanayru Desert Locations

Lanayru Mine

As soon as you enter the Desert at the Lanayru Mine Entrance, look behind the large pillar where you arrive and find the cube hiding behind there.

Item Recovered: Silver Rupee

Lanayru Desert

When you get to the Desert Entrance, make your way to the west side and there will be an area where you need to hop on top of the empty shells of the Ampilus to get across. While hopping across them, jump to the left side of the area and there will be a Goddess Cube there.

Item Recovered: Heart Medal

Outside the Temple of Time, to the north is a mine cart that you need to ride in after hitting the time crystal in the cave across from you. When you are riding the cart, you’ll need to hit the Goddess Cube at the top of the ramp on the left as you pass it.

Item Recovered: Heart Piece

At the North Desert, there is a loop to the North East that you can enter through a cracked wall that you can bomb open. Enter the cave and at the end you will be able to grapple after grapple along the desert walls until you finally reach a goddess Cube on the right side.

Item Recovered: Heart Medal

At the South section of the Desert, there is a Goddess Cube that is sitting on top of the broken walls, but it can only be reached once you can grapple to it. Look for the target to the north east – to the right- of the cube and grapple up to grab it.

Item Recovered: Life Medal

Lanayru Gorge

When you are in the Lanayru Gorge, to the left of the bird statue that you arrive at, you will be able to find a Goddess Cube right near the Tree of Life that you take to help the Dragon. Hit the time crystal to make the tree a seedling and then you can hop down to the right and get the cube.

Item Recovered: Small Quiver

Ancient Harbor

When you arrive in the Ancient Harbor, go to the north and climb up the stack of boxes in the center. Grapple to the west side and then drop down and you will see a doorway you can enter. Once inside, clear the room and whack the cube.

Item Recovered: Gold Rupee

Skipper’s Retreat

Make your way up to the Skipper’s Retreat until you come to a bridge with a shield wielding Moblin. Hop over him, or take him out and look to the left to see the cube sitting on a platform there. Grapple to the grey vines on the pillars to get to the cube.

Item Recovered: Potion Medal

Pirate Stronghold

When you arrive at the Pirate Stronghold, walk to the middle of the area and look up to the center of the buildings front. High above will be a grapple target that you can latch onto. Grapple up a couple times and you will come to the cube resting on a platform above the walkway.

Item Recovered: Piece of Heart