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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Goddess Cube guide

Eldin Volcano Locations

Eldin Volcano

As soon as you enter the Eldin Volcano starting area, look to the left and off the edge of the path will be the cube sitting there.

Item Recovered: Silver Rupee

This cube can be seen from the beginning and can be found along the walkway in front of the central rock that Ledd tells you a mysterious person in black jumped into. You can grab the Cube when you make your way to the ledge by using the air spout that lifts you to the walkway and not the spout that will lift you to the ledge that leads inside the central cave.

Item Recovered: Small Seed Satchel

When you enter the central cave after bombing the lava plug, drop down off the edge of the entrance platform for the long drop down. While falling, direct yourself towards the Goddess Cube that is sitting on top of a pillar. Land on it and give it a whack.

Item Recovered: Gold Rupee

When you reach the Earth Temple, go to the left side and dig to find an air spout there. When it is open, toss a bomb flower into the upwards air and blow up the breakable rocks there. Make them go kablooey and you’ll find the Cube inside.

Item Recovered: Gold Rupee

Go to the right side of the right side of the Temple and you will be at a Bokoblin camp of sorts. You will need to take the path of crossing the knocked over tower to progress, but before you do that, there will be a cube located to the far right of the area, down a path alongside the river of lava.

Item Recovered: Treasure Medal

When you cross over the knocked over tower, continue across the bridge, through the archway, and up the slope to where it starts to get really hot. Make the first quick left and you will slide down a sand hill. Keep to the left and hit the first air spout to land on top of a platform. When on it, walk off the far side to land on another platform where a cube will be.

Item Recovered: Gold Rupee

Volcano Summit

When you enter the volcano summit, go directly to the east to enter the large lava filled room that leads you to the Fire Dragon. In this room, there will be a Goddess Cube just to the right resting in the lava. To hit it, you need to jump on one of the floating lava platforms and give it a whack as you pass by.

Item Recovered: Heart Piece

Make your way to the very northwest of the summit, to the exit that can be found there. Go outside and you will find a waterfall on the left and a ledge leading to nothing on the right. Jump off the ledge and glide yourself forward and around to the left, in front of the large pillar there. Just in front of it will be a low platform that has a Goddess Cube on top of it.

Item Recovered: Glass Bottle