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The latest Lady Gaga music video has a witcher in it and I'm tossing all my coins

(Image credit: Lady Gaga/Interscope Records)

I dreamt of this day, but I never thought it would come: Lady Gaga's new music video for "911" has a nod to The Witcher in it. 

Check it out here, and see if you can spot the connection. If you can't spot it, don't worry, because it took the official Witcher game Twitter account to point it out to me. 

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Yes, one of the main characters in Gaga's latest music video for "911" (a single off her latest album Chromatica) is wearing a witcher medallion, specifically the wolf one that Geralt wears in both The Witcher Netflix series and in the game trilogy. The character in Gaga's music video is a mysterious figure who initially seems like some type of demigod before it's revealed that he's just an EMT working on Gaga's character, who is having hallucinations after a car accident that she caused. Heavy stuff.

In one scene around 2:20 in the video, that mysterious male figure stands next to Gaga, clad in red, and a woman dressed like the Virgin Mary. It's there that he's wearing the witcher medallion, on full display across his very toned chest. Even though I missed this the first eight times I watched the video (Gaga stan here), it was clearly noticeable enough for The Witcher Twitter account to comment directly on Gaga's Tweet for the video. And it had quite the domino effect, with the official Xbox account commenting with a Gwent version of "Poker Face". 

Lady Gaga is officially a Witcher fan - here's hoping she'll make a cameo in an upcoming season. This is such a Friday thing to happen, and I'm going to open up a bottle of wine in celebration. 

Surprise! Making The Witcher series is available on Netflix now. 

Alyssa Mercante

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