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It looks like the opening of Japan's Super Nintendo World theme park is going to be delayed

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Universal Studios Japan is reportedly planning to postpone the opening of its Nintendo theme park, Super Nintendo World. 

According to anonymous sources "familiar with the matter" relating the news to Business Times, owner Comcast is expected to confirm the delay later this week and state that the postponement is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

While it had been hoped the park would open ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that had been scheduled for this summer, the pandemic has seen the event postponed. However, it's not all bad news; construction of the park is said to be "nearly complete" and Comcast still hopes to launch the park later in 2020.

As Connor reported earlier this year, photos from the park's construction started surfacing last year, showing familiar pieces of the Mario landscape like Bowser's castle and a giant hill studded with Question Mark Blocks and a Goal Pole. Since then, we've also seen an aerial shot of the park, too.

"You can see plenty of blocks to headbutt, Goombas to stomp, and pipes to warp through. In reality, you'll probably do none of those things at Super Nintendo World, but you can see some of the actual rides you'll enjoy if you squint hard enough," Jordan wrote about the park at the time.

While we're waiting for official confirmation either way, here's the official teaser trailer for the park again. Enjo! 

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