Super Nintendo World looks almost complete in new aerial shot

(Image credit: Nintendo)

An aerial photo of Super Nintendo World under construction has surfaced, and from the looks of it, Mario fans have a lot to look forward to when the world returns to normal.

The image is of Universal Studios Osaka, where the first Super Nintendo World theme park began construction in 2017. As you can see below, things are coming along rather nicely.

You can see plenty of blocks to headbutt, Goombas to stomp, and pipes to warp through. In reality, you'll probably do none of those things at Super Nintendo World, but you can see some of the actual rides you'll enjoy if you squint hard enough.

(Image credit: imaiko02 (via Instagram))

One thing - erm, many things - missing is every Nintendo franchise that isn't Super Mario Bros. To some degree, that's to be expected - Mario is undoubtedly Nintendo's chief mascot - but one would imagine there'd be a Hyrule land or PokeWorld. Of course, 'absence of evidence is not evidence of absence' and that. Nintendo could easily expand the space to include different themed areas.

At first glance, the park might also appear a bit compact, but I think that could be an illusion. Looking at structures in the more underdeveloped areas to the bottom left gives some visual context of how large the built-up structures are closer to the top of the picture. Either way though, there's no doubting how mesmerizing it would be to walk through the warp pipe in the outside starting area and emerge in this incredibly-detailed Mario land.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has likely thrown a massive wrench into the park's development, which was supposed to be complete for a summer launch this year. But rewatching this Super Nintendo World music video gives me the strength to wait a lifetime for this dang theme park.

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