Super Nintendo World theme park is getting a big announcement very soon

(Image credit: Universal Studios)

More news about Super Nintendo World is finally coming tomorrow. Since the Mario-themed amusement park is scheduled to open its first location at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka this spring, it's about time we got some more official details about the rides, restaurants, and merch that visitors to the park can expect to enjoy.

The official Twitter account for Universal Studios Japan sent out a Tweet that teases the latest information for Super Nintendo World will arrive tomorrow around noon, Japan time. That works out to 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST Monday, or 3 am GMT on Tuesday.

Photos from the park's construction started surfacing last year, showing familiar pieces of the Mario landscape like Bowser's castle and a giant hill studded with Question Mark Blocks and a Goal Pole. Leaks indicate the park will include rides themed after Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Adventures, and that park visitors will receive a magnetic bracelet that tracks their interactions (and scores) with various elements of Super Nintendo World.

Though Super Nintendo World will debut at Universal Studios Japan - ideally in time to draw in some visitors from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year - it's meant to also be a part of the park's global presence. Hopefully the upcoming official announcement will tell us more about when we can expect warp pipes to start popping up alongside Harry Potter and Jurassic World rides worldwide.

While we're waiting for the official announcement, you can watch the official teaser trailer for the park, featuring a conceptual overview of the park's appearance and a whole bunch of jumping around and yahoo-ing from Mario. You can't fault the guy for loving life, but I've gotta admit that it does make me hope we get a nice and low-key Luigi experience to balance it out.

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