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Is this how Rey gets her own lightsaber in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

We already know Rey has a lightsaber in Star Wars: The Last Jedi  – Luke’s – thanks to the bunch of TV spots that show her swinging it with reckless abandon. So why doesn’t she get her own? As it turns out, according to one fan theory, she probably does and we’ve already seen how she gets it. It all comes down to a scene you’ve probably seen a million times, and a Lego set. Intrigued? Then read on, if you don’t mind potential spoilers…

First, the theory. SWNN writer Chad Stevens took to Twitter to suggest that the scenes in the TV spots and trailers where Rey cracks the ground (remember Luke looking shocked?) gives way to the reveal of dun-dun-dun a kyber crystal.

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For the uninitiated, kyber crystals are the vital ingredient when it comes to crafting the galaxy’s coolest weapon. This isn’t just an idle theory either, especially when placed in tandem with dun-dun-dun… this leaked Lego set. (Ok, maybe that’s not as dramatic).

Titled Ahch-To Island Training, you can clearly see – if you’re not distracted by the creepy-ass Lego Porg - Rey working away at a giant boulder to the right of the set. Inside it? Well, that sure looks like a blue kyber crystal to me.

It makes a lot of sense that Rey’s training is working its way towards the next step in becoming a Jedi: getting that sweet, sweet lightsaber. It’s logical, then, that Rey would strike lucky and find a kyber crystal where, perhaps, even Luke didn’t know there was one.

Let’s face it, though: Luke is probably just relieved he doesn’t have to rent out his lightsaber anymore.

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Image: Lucasfilm

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