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"I am pretty much just hate-watching this show now" - The best reactions to The Walking Dead's mid-season finale

Well, that was a mid-season finale, I suppose. Things happened, people said stuff, and then the credits rolled. The Walking Dead season 8's mid-season finale, How it's Gotta Be, was a really naff closer to an overall rubbish collection of episodes, but it wasn't without its memorable moments (usually for the wrong reasons) and shock twists. 

The internet had a lot to say about the finale, and I've collected some of the best reactions below. Major spoilers for The Walking Dead are beyond this point, though, so go catch up before reading ahead... if you can muster the required attention span, that is.

The fall of the Ricktatorship

It's taken eight looong and plodding episodes, but this half-season essentially chronicled the failure of Rick's war plan, as Negan reclaims the upper hand once again.

Everybody hates Eugene

It's also revealed that Eugene is the reason Negan and the Saviours were able to escape Sanctuary last episode, thereby officially cementing his status as full time anti-hero.

The Judith question

Maggie's been pregnant for almost two whole seasons now, while Judith continues to grow at the rate of a sea monkey. It just doesn't make sense anymore..


People were not happy about the finale's shock twist ending, which leaves Carl in a very bad spot of trouble indeed. There's no coming back from a Walker bite to the stomach... or is there?

We're all starting lose our patience...

That's all, folks! I'll guess we'll see some of you next year for the rest of season 8 (welp)! Fingers crossed AMC figures out how to redeem this slow motion fall from grace over Christmas...

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