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Homefront newspaper guide

Why We Fight (10 Newspapers)

1. After the bus has tipped over your allies will bum rush into the nearby White Castle. Before going through the doors turn to the left and walk along the sidewalk and go around the corner. The paper is lying in plain view here.

2. After escaping the gas station. Look to your left and you will see a small motor home. Past that, more or less right in your path is the next newspaper.

3. When the game instructs you to crawl through the destroyed house turn to your right. It’s on the ground in front of the bay windows.

4. Your allies will make you hide from a patrol before running for your life across the street. Turn to your left as soon as you run past the blue house. This is sitting on the window frame of a boarded up window.

5. You will run past a piece of plane landing gear (minus the plane) before entering a house. Search in the fireplace of this home to find the paper. Do not leave this house as there is a second collectible here (see number 6).

6. While inside the same house as the previous collectible, search the stairs. This can be found resting on the eight step of the staircase.

7. Once you’ve destroyed the armored vehicle the path is open to the cul-de-sac. Here you have two collectibles to find. The first is found near a yellowish house that has a Realtors green “For Sale” sign in front of it. Check on the right side of the home to find this lying in the midst of some junk.

8. After grabbing #7 turn around and walk into the street. To your left you will see another yellow house that looks exactly like this one. Go over onto the porch on the right side of the house to find this tucked into a corner.

9. While leaving the cul-de-sac you will hop over a fence. Connor will run over to a blue house and kick open the door. As you enter the paper is right in front of you.

10. With #9 in hand enter the house proper. When you enter the living room turn to your left and look in the corner here. You will see this paper sitting there, tucked away but still in plain view.