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Here's the first Black Ops 4 Blackout gameplay and 7 important things it shows us

We've finally got our first look at some Black Ops 4 Blackout gameplay and it actually looks like some hot, beautiful chaos. The trailer shows all of COD's gadgets, gear and weapons being used in a mess of multiplayer carnage, and there's a lot to unpack. Here's the trailer first:  

All of that is taking place over the map below, which was revealed just before the trailer. It's the biggest Call of Duty map ever and seems to fit in a ton of locations from previous games.  

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So that's the whole map, but what about the rest of it? Let's breakdown the trailer and see what's there. 

1. This is how the old Black Ops multiplayer maps appear...

Every where the trailer looks there seems to be an old Black Ops map forming part of the terrain as if this is some huge COD theme park. Treyarch had talked about how this mode would almost be a homage to the history of the game and you can see how here. Old maps like Turbine, Hyrdo, Nuketown, Raid and Highrise are all just part of the landscape. Even Asylum from World at War is there, suggesting Treyarch is using all of its history, not just Black Ops. 

2. ... and some previous Black Ops characters

Again, like the maps we knew Blackout would take a greatest hits approach to the Black Ops universe when it came to the characters. All the new multiplayer Specialists are here, along with the latest Zombie characters. Mason and Woods, two of the series most iconic characters, are also clearly visible but that's it so far. 

3. Wingsuits are totally a thing

It's not clear yet whether this is a pick up or default kit for everyone, but Black Ops 2's wingsuits obviously have huge tactical potential in a battle royale - both for quick escapes or fast relocations when taking on enemies. 

4. Vehicles look like kind of a big deal

Both the amount, and variety, of vehicles in the trailer suggests this not a safe game to be on foot in. Helicopters, boats, ATVs and trucks all appear, with passengers, all furiously trading gunfire. It might just be because it looks good in a trailer but it appears vehicle to vehicle engagement is a big part of the gameplay. One of the trucks is also shown apparently stealing a supply drop and driving off with it. 

5. All the Specialists gear is unlocked for everyone

There's a few points in the trailer where we can see Black Ops 4 gear that's exclusively used by a certain character being used by anyone in Blackout. There's Seraph up there using Ruin's Grappling Hook for example, while we also see what looks like Black Ops 1 and 2's Frank Woods using Torque's Razor Wire.

6. You might be able to call in zombies as a trap

How zombies work in Blackout isn't entirely clear just yet, but the trailer suggests they might be player controlled. In the gameplay we see someone throwing a monkey bomb which, instead of exploding, appears to call zombies out to attack an enemy team. This is happening in World at War's Asylum zombie map though, so potentially you might only be able to do this in certain places. 

7. The Storm, Circle or whatever, is purple and makes you hallucinate 

Whatever the circle is that reduces the map size it's definitely purple, and referred to as the collapse in the trailer. As well as killing you, you'll also see visual disturbances and hallucinations like symbols and numbers while you're in it. 

If you fancy trying the Blackout beta when it goes live then click the link for all the info. 

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