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Have Halo 5's confusing REQ system explained to you by Ron Swanson

Halo 5: Guardians is ringing in change by splitting into three futuristic chunks - one for its campaign, and two for Arena and Warzone multiplayer. But that doesn't make them totally separate games in the same shimmering package - the REQ system, which lets you swap points for booster packs of virtual cards, covers both multiplayer portions.

The problem is, up until now, it's been pretty unclear as to how that's going to work. How you earn those packs (unless you're paying for them, of course), which cards will work where, whether they'll give players unfair advantages - the mysteries were numerous.

As a result, 343's seen fit to release a charming little tutorial as to how it all slots together, narrated by none other than Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson (aka that moustachioed guy you've seen sandwiched between lines of Impact font meme text)) in character as Chef Pretty Officer Mister Chief Spartan-117:

1,000 cards at launch is a fairly impressive stat - and with much of the stuff being souped-up variants of familiar equipment, we're guessing that means there will be some very weird takes on old favourites to find.

If that 5-minute rundown wasn't quite comprehensive enough for you, Halo 5 studio head, Josh Holmes has put together a massive deconstruction of the system on the Halo Waypoint blog - if nothing else, it gives you a peek at some of the rarer cards incoming.

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Joe Skrebels
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