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The Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer DLC will show what happened during the game's time skip

If you liked Final Fantasy 15 (opens in new tab) but thought to yourself, "I enjoy playing as Noctis and his bros, but I wish I could play with my real-life bros" (or something to that effect), good news: a multiplayer expansion (opens in new tab) will let you do just that on October 31. Dubbed "Comrades," the DLC will let you create your own character, play online with up to three friends, and even fill in a bit of missing lore. 

On that note, Final Fantasy 15 came out almost a year ago, but considering how ridiculously huge it is, it might've taken you that long just to get partway through it. So if you've not finished FF15's story yet, this is warning to say there are emotional ballads and massive spoilers ahead. Shut this article now if you don't want to know what happens in the game.

Final Fantasy finishers will remember that during the game’s sprawling story, Noctis comes into contact with the Crystal, a magical artifact that seems to be at least semi-sentient and capable of infusing souls into a chosen hero. Noctis gets pulled into the Crystal, where he is given a prophecy and a great amount of power. However, this process takes 10 years, so by the time he wakes up and exits the Crystal, the world is changed.

Comrades takes place during that decade-long time skip with you as one of the few surviving members of the Kingsglaive, Final Fantasy 15’s elite bodyguard brawlers. This group was explored more in the tie-in film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 than in the actual game, so it's nice to see them get some more time in the spotlight. You'll be fending off demons during this age of darkness, trying your best to make the world safe while Noctis sleeps and rocking your very own Final Fantasy hair. 

You'll be able to download Comrades if you have the season pass or purchase it as a standalone, though a price has not yet been revealed.

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