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Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix FAQs

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by cheat & glitch finda

    Slytherin,Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,And Ravenclaw Flags

    Great Hall

    At the back of the great hall,you will see little colored tubes on the wall to the right.green is Slytherin, yellow is Hufflepuff, blue is Ravenclaw and red is Gryffindor. Use the accio or depulso spell on them and it will show a bunch of flags saying which one you just did. Don't have the volume up high,or it will be loud.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Cheats

  • Wii | Submitted by Daniel Taylor

    Slytherin Password

    Get the invisibility cloak and go to the bottom of the grand staircase there will be a door go in there and there will be to Slytherins follow them (don't bump into them or they wont talk). The password is slytherins are supreme

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Hints

  • Xbox 360, PC, PS3 | Submitted by connorb118

    Luna's Lost Belongings

    Jumper - Great Hall (on table)
    Shoes - Clock Tower Courtyard
    Thestral - FEED-Library (on table)
    Paper - Through Portrait on First Floor Corridor (or in Viaduct Entrance)
    Hat - Sweep Leaves Up On The Right Side Of The Entrance Courtyard To Find

  • Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2 | Submitted by alex rider fan 3216

    Final Gobstone Champion

    When you beat the 3rd champion, look for her near the snake pit champion.

  • PS2 | Submitted by stewart

    Luna's Things

    1) go to the great hall and you will see one of the items on one of the tables

    2) go to the library and you will see one on the table in there

    3) go to the viaduct entrance and look beside the portrait and the bookshelf and there will be one

    4) go to the clock tower courtyard and there will be one in front of the fountain

    5) go to the entrance courtyard and get the broom with wingardium leviosa and put it over all the pile of leaves untill you get to the on with the item in it

  • PSP | Submitted by malfoy*****8

    Hints On Winning Duels

    When you face a Slitheryn student be the first to attack, then go behind them and use Stupefy. It will have double damage, but this does not work on Lucios, Malfoy or Voldemort.

  • PC, Wii, PSP, PS2 | Submitted by zonk33

    Fighting Lucius Malfoy & Voldemort

    If you want to easily beat Lucius Malfoy and Voldemort easy, these spells work best: stupify, and levicorpus.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Harryfan900

    Find Passage To the Seventh Floor

    Near the bottom of the Grand Staircase on the floor that says Dungeon the is a Portrait that you can talk to and he will tell you his password.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Harryfan900

    Five Talking Gargoyles

    1. On a small pillar by Umbridges office
    2. On a upper walkway found on the way to the hospital wing.
    3. Outside the Viaduct entrance.
    4. In the Transfiguration room.
    5. In the paved courtyard on the upper steps.

  • Wii | Submitted by MilkMaster6, Sammy Boy

    Portrait Passwords

    First Floor Portrait: Talk to a Hufflepuff student, they will tell you the password is Dragons egg
    Second Floor Portrait: Talk to any Ravenclaw. They will tell you what the portrait asked you to find out. The password is Studious Success.
    Viaduct Entrance Portrait: Hold your wand out at the students near the portrait. When they leave, the portrait will tell you the password.
    Library Portrait: GO to the great hall. Near the teacher table, there is the statue of the owl. DO wingardium leviosa on it. An owl will swoop down and drop the newspaper. Examine it, and then go back to the portrait. THe password is no news is good news.
    Third Floor Portrait: This portrait forgot his password. You have to find someone who has been at the school for 50 years. Talk to Moaning Myrtle in her bathroom. She'ss tell you that the password is Forget me never.
    Dungeon Corridor POrtrait: Put on the invisiblity cloak and go to the corridor with the slytherin witch. There will be two slytherin first years in the corridor.THey say that they will be late unless they take the passageway. Follow the students to the portrait, but DONT BUMP INTO THEM! THEY WONT TALK! When they get the portrait, they will say slytherins are supreme. That is the password. THe witch tells you that to get the password, a slytherin has to tell you, but that is never going to happen, so do it this way. These are a few portrait passwords

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Portrait Password

    Gifford Abbot (Floor 1, Grand Staircase) Talk to a Hufflepuff student after talking to him. The password is "Dragon's egg."

  • PS2 | Submitted by Pwner247

    Helpful Hints

    Having trouble beating the original Gobstones players? Well theres an easier way to it. Instead of going first to knock the balls away, miss the circle of balls, then let the other guy break it. It helped me

    Discovery points:
    Can't find discovery points? Well all you gotta do is press B and look around, when your paddle vibrates look for something blinking, thats the item you have to discover things on.

    Random Hints you might need:
    -Practice your spells at Charms class, with professor Flitwick[at the library entrance, gotta do his homework first]
    -keep talking to portraits, they will give hints to their password
    -Look for Fred and George boxes in bushes around the stone garden, and Hargrid's
    -I've noticed wizard chess champions have cheated on me, just a heads up

  • PS2 | Submitted by Harry Potter Fan

    Library Portrait Password

    go to the great hall and you will see a eagle like thing use depulso on it to clear all the sky on the roof away then use wingardium leviosa and then look for a newspaper and return to library and talk to the portrait

  • PS2 | Submitted by Harry Potter Fan

    Giffard Abbot's Password

    Grand Staircase

    When you talk to Giffard Abbot all you have to do is find a hufflepuff student talk to them(square) and they will tell you the password which is dragons egg. Return to Giffard Abbot and talk to him. Now you can use his secret passage as many times as you like.

  • Wii | Submitted by Ludacris973

    Gargoyle Fire

    Go to any gargoyle and do Incendio on it, fire should come out of it's nose. If not, make sure you are aiming right. It should also give you secrets.

    PS: You need to know Incendio to do this. There is a gargoyle on the way to defense against dark arts class.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steven

    How to Find Colin's Missing Camera

    Location: Paved Courtyard

    First, burn the Venomous Tentacula away by using Incendio. Cast Incendio by moving the right Analog stick up and down, then levitate a bench to the pillar-like wall to Colin's left using Wingardium Leviosa. If you do not know how to cast Wingardium Leviosa, press the right Analog stick up, then move it from left to right but ALWAYS keep it up. After you've got the bench where you need it, walk up to it and Harry will automatically climb the bench. After that sidle to the pole and climb it. As you go up, get off the first ledge then sidle to the other pole. After you climb the other pole sidle until you get to the larger part of the edge. Once you get to the larger part of the ledge, step away from the wall and face the broken pole to Harry's right. Cast Repairo on the pole by turning the right Analog stick clockwise. Once it is repaired climb it until you to to the last ledge. Sidle to the last one, which is the larger ledge next to the other ledge holding the camera. Face the camera and cast Wingardium Leviosa at the camera and allow it to drop, then Colin will catch it. Then slide all the way down the pole you had to repair and get to the bottom using the way you started.

  • PS2 | Submitted by griffyndorlover48

    Sprout's Assignment

    Griffyndor Boys' Dormitory

    In the boys' dormitory go to the first bed on the right and to the right of that there is a drawer. The book you need is right there.

  • PC | Submitted by patriotsrock

    Finding the Talking Gargoyles

    Tranfiguration Courtyard

    After you talk to Dean Thomas, you have to find talking gargoyles. They are statues that look like hogs. Here is where they are:

    1.In the Transfiguration Courtyard - easy to find.
    2.Go to the paved courtyard. Use Reparo on the steps, and walk as far as you can without climbing the gutters.
    3.On fourth floor, at the end of a corridor, there is a set of steps on the left, and a portrait on the right. Go up the steps and the corridor turns right. Turn right but IMMEDIATELY stop. On the left is a small doorway. It is out there.
    4.Go to seventh floor to where the Divination staircase is. Go up it, you will pass it on the way up.
    5. At the end of the stone bridge.

    ***Note:You must press enter to talk to it or it will not count.Hermione will usually say "I think there's a talking gargoyle somwhere near here."

  • PC | Submitted by patriotsrock

    Finding Luna's Belongings

    Entrance Hall

    After fighting at the Ministry, you have to help Luna find her lost possessions.
    Here is where they are:

    1. In Great Hall, lying on a table to your left.
    2. In Entrance Courtyard, use Wingardium Leviosa on the broom. Use it on the leaves next to the wheelbarrel.It is under the leaves.
    3. In the Library, lying on the table next to the quills.
    4. Click on Potions on the Maruaders Map, follow the footprints until they take you to the tiny spiral staircase next to the broom and mop. Don't go down. Go on the other side of the staircase. It is a newspaper lying between the bookshelf and the portrait.
    5. Go to the Clock Tower Courtyard, it is lying near the fountain.

  • PSP | Submitted by Jake43

    Find all Five Talking Gargoyles

    When you start recruiting DA members go to the courtyard and find a member. He will tell you his homework so he can finish it before the DA meeting.

    The locations of the talking Gargoyles are:

    1. On a small pillar by Umbridge's class.
    2. On an upper walkway found on the way to the hospital wing.
    3. Outside the Viaduct entrance.
    4. In the transfiguration room.
    5. It in the paved courtyard on the upper steps.

  • PSP | Submitted by Jake43

    Find Passage to Seventh Floor

    To find a Hufflepuff DA member, look on the grand staircase. She will ask you if there is a passage to the seventh floor. To find the passage go to the bottom of the Grand staircase. If you look, there is a boy standing there, go to his left and then walk up the stairs. Talk to the portrait, then go back to the DA member.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Brandon Curry

    Snape's book


    If you're having trouble finding the book that Snape tells you to write a report about, just go to to Restricted Section of the library and go to the left walkway. Go down all the way - it is on that little shelf to your left.

  • PS2 | Submitted by ZHaff32

    Can't Find the Gargoyles?

    1. In the Transfiguration Courtyard where Dean Thomas first tells you about the gargoyles.
    2.Halfway up the stairs to Umbridge's office on the right.
    3. On the fourth floor on the left side of the hallway.
    4. In the area that you have to retrieve Colin Creevey's camera from the roof. On the opposite side of the area, repair the stairs and follow the path.
    5. When you exit the area mentioned in #4, turn left on the bridge like area. Follow it for a few seconds and you'll see the last gargoyle in a circular area.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Yosefu Mosef


    Architecture Cup - Find the 12 Hogwart's Emblems.
    Characters Cup - Talk to all the characters at Hogwart's.
    Defense against the Dark Arts Cup - Cast each defensive spell in 6 duels.
    Exploding Snap Cup - Defeat both Exploding Snap Champions.
    Explorer Cup - Explore each area of Hogwart's.
    Famous Wizards and Witches Cup - Find the 15 Wizard Plaques.
    Friends of the Year Cup - Beat the game, and find all of Luna's lost items.
    Golden Gobstone Cup - Beat all four Gobstone Champions.
    Grandmasters Cup - Beat all three wizard chess Champions.
    Homework Cup - Complete all of the Teachers' sub-quests.
    House Ghost Cup - Find all four ghosts.
    Nature Trail Cup - Find all the animal footprints.
    Ornithology Cup - Find all five flying animals.
    Portrait Password Cup - Find all 12 portrait passwords.
    School Pride Cup - Complete all 66 chores.
    Secret Statue Cup - Find all 12 wizard chess statues.
    Smuggler's Cup - Find all 12 of Fred & George's secret packages.
    Studious Success Cup - Receive the highest grade in all lessons.

  • PS3 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable: Trophies

    House Ghost Cup - Find all four House Ghosts
    Nature Trail Cup - Find all animal footprints
    Characters Cup - Meet all 58 characters.
    Defense Against The Dark Arts Cup - Cast all defensive spells in six duels

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable Trophies

    House Ghost Cup - Find all four House Ghosts
    Nature Trail Cup - Find all animal footprints
    Characters Cup - Meet all 58 characters in Hogwarts
    Defense Against the Dark Arts Cup - Cast all defensive spells in six duels

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by tommy


    Complete discovery level 1 (10) - Complete discovery level 1.
    Complete discovery level 10 (20) - Complete discovery level 10.
    Complete discovery level 11 (30) - Complete discovery level 11.
    Complete discovery level 12 (30) - Complete discovery level 12.
    Complete discovery level 13 (50) - Complete discovery level 13.
    Complete discovery level 2 (10) - Complete discovery level 2.
    Complete discovery level 3 (10) - Complete discovery level 3.
    Complete discovery level 4 (10) - Complete discovery level 4.
    Complete discovery level 5 (20) - Complete discovery level 5.
    Complete discovery level 6 (20) - Complete discovery level 6.
    Complete discovery level 7 (20) - Complete discovery level 7.
    Complete discovery level 8 (20) - Complete discovery level 8.
    Complete discovery level 9 (20) - Complete discovery level 9.
    DA 10 (10) - Recruited 10 members of the DA.
    Finish on hardest difficulty (100) - Finish the story on the hardest difficulty.
    Finish the story (100) - Finish the story.
    Get to the Room of Requirement (30) - Discover the Room of Requirement.
    Go to Hogwarts (20) - Complete the Grimmauld Place tutorials.
    Magic 500 (10) - Cast 500 successful spells.
    Recruit Dumbledore's Army (100) - Recruit Dumbledore's Army.
    Unhinge Umbridge (100) - Cause chaos in Umbridge's Hogwarts.
    Walk the Platform (10) - Cover 9 3/4 miles.
    Win the Architecture Cup (10) - Uncover all the hidden Hogwarts symbols.
    Win the Characters Cup (10) - Meet all characters in the game.
    Win the Defence Cup (20) - Cast all defensive spells in a single encounter.
    Win the Exploding Snap Cup (20) - Beat all Exploding Snap champions.
    Win the Explorer Cup (10) - Discover all known areas of Hogwarts.
    Win the Friend of the Year Cup (20) - Find Luna's lost belongings.
    Win the Golden Gobstone Cup (20) - Beat all Gobstones champions.
    Win the Grand Master Cup (20) - Beat all wizard chess champions.
    Win the Homework Cup (10) - Complete all the teacher mini-quests.
    Win the House Ghost Cup (10) - Find all the house ghosts of Hogwarts.
    Win the Nature Trail Cup (10) - Find all the rare creature tracks hidden in Hogwarts.
    Win the Ornithology Cup (10) - Find all the flying creatures of Hogwarts.
    Win the Portrait Password Cup (10) - Discover the password for every shortcut portrait in Hogwarts.
    Win the School Pride Cup (10) - Tidy up Hogwarts.
    Win the Secret Statue Cup (10) - Find the secret chess statues of Hogwarts.
    Win the Smuggler Cup (10) - Find Fred and George's hidden parcels.
    Win the Witches and Wizards Cup (10) - Find the hidden wizard plaques around Hogwarts.