HaloRadar: Craziest Stunts, Part 3

Halo frags are like snowflakes - each one is unique and beautiful in its own special way. Some kills, however, are a hell of a lot more special than others.

If you watched our first or second Craziest Stunt collections, you know exactly what we mean. Some players snipe; others snipe through two heads simultaneously. Some players hijack a vehicle; others hijack a Banshee in midair after leaping out of a Warthog (also in midair!) Some players die; others kill themselves spectacularly with orange traffic cones or elaborate Mouse Trap-like death machines.

Here are the latest additions to that elite and extraordinary Hall of Fame. If you know of others, including your own greatest hits, send us a link at halo@gamesradar.com.

WHEEL OF DESTRUCTION: Do the Halo 3 maps contain a single object that can't be transformed into a deadly weapon? We never saw this one coming... and neither does the victim in the clip. Brutal and beautiful.

RETURN TO SENDER: Yes, you can actually catch a plasma grenade and deliver it back to the enemy who originally threw it. How, you ask? Like this.

SPARTAN VS WARTHOG: Like machinima, this clip tells a story. But the hilarious, tragicomic events that unfold could never have been scripted (we think). Plus, twist ending!