HaloRadar: Craziest Stunts, Part 3

WORSE THAN BETRAYAL: The only thing worse than being shot by your own teammate is being shot by your own teammate between the legs of another player. The only thing worse than the taste of defeat must have been the taste of that bullet.

DUMB AND BLIND: This guy must eat four leaf clovers and rabbit feet before every match. His luck never runs out. Watch as he gets two kills without even trying, then scares another guy into killing himself. Why can't our games go like this?

FISH IN A BARREL: These poor fools. After throwing down an overshield, they still manage to get picked off, one by one, with almost ridiculous ease. Do you mock them, or just pity them?

CATAPULT: Sorry, we couldn’t think of a cleverer title than that. What more do you need to know? Some geniuses built a giant catapult in Forge. They launch stuff. They launch themselves. Play it already.

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Mar 21, 2008