HaloRadar: Craziest Stunts, Part 3

JUST ONE BULLET: Remember, on the last page, when we mentioned the dude sniping two other dudes at once? Yeah, so apparently that was easy, because this dude shoots three other dudes at once. Jeez.

NOOB TRAP: If this isn't staged, it's one of the smartest strategies we've ever witnessed in Halo 3 multiplayer. If it is staged, we don't care, because it's still friggin' awesome.

TRIPLE ROADKILL: In a single jeep, in less than a single second, this player splatters and scatters four flying bodies across the battlefield. Five if you count the camera, which seems as taken by surprise as everyone else. Classic.

SPARTAN SMASH!: Sometimes, playing as the Master Chief just isn't enough. That's when you start a custom game, tweak the rules of gravity a little and become an unstoppable, unbeatable superhero.