HaloRadar: Craziest Stunts

Oct 19, 2007

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Thank the gaming gods - it's Friday. Time not only for another weekend, but also for the latest in our weekly celebration of everything Halo. Last week, we showed you how to unlock Halo 3's secret story (and a 40 point Achievement!) with our Terminals Video Guide. Before that, we found you all 13 hidden skulls (gold and silver) with our Skulls Video Guide.

Forget us, though, because today is all about you - the creative and slightly insane Halo 3 community. The game's been out for less than a month and already you've pushed it to the limit... and beyond. You've done things we, and maybe even the creators, never thought possible.

Here are the most unbelievable moments so far. Keep the madness coming, guys and gals. We can't get enough.

First, because it's fun, SUICIDE! And possibly the best unintentional suicide in the history of the Halo franchise.

What's more humiliating than death by harmless orange plastic? Try death by your own bullet.

And our sister site CVG has found one that's just plain embarrassing.