HaloRadar: Craziest Stunts, Part 2

Dec 28, 2007

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One month ago, we showed you the wildest and weirdest extremes of Halo 3. Our Craziest Stunts collection had everything - legendary kills, game changing glitches, impossibly huge explosions, even suicide by orange plastic traffic cone.

If anything, though, this second collection is better. Way better. Gamers have had over three months now to test and break Halo 3's boundaries, capturing mind-boggling footage along the way. Call it luck or call it skill. We just know we'll never be able to repeat these feats... and we're grateful that these folks remembered to hit record.

DOUBLE KILL, DOUBLE TAKE: Getting fragged by a sniper a second after you've respawned is annoying. When you respawn behind someone and still get sniped, because the bullet went through both your bodies, it's too amazing to be annoying.

SUPERHERO HIJACK: You won't believe your eyes on this one. This player doesn't just hijack a Banshee out of midair; he hijacks it while exiting a Warthog... also in midair!

POETIC JUSTICE: Throwing that grenade must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knew the grenade would throw a careening ton of murderous metal right back at you? The sequence of events here is magical.