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Google Chrome Web Store is live, tons more indie games now up for grabs

So you've got a console, probably a smart phone and maybe even a gaming-quality PC. Sure are a lot of options for gaming nowadays, huh? But one major player has been mysteriously absent from the game scene, which brings us to Google's recent reveal of theChrome Web Store, yet another place where you can buy and download various new games and apps. The service just went live this week so there's not a massive deluge of content just yet, but c'mon, it's Google. There'll be a shitload of stuff in no time, including all kinds of cheap (or free) games thatwill hopefully have more meat than a typical iPhone or Android app.

Above:Onslaught! Arenais one of Chrome's featured games

So there's yet another way to buy cheap games - why does it matter? First off, if Google's backing it, expect developers to take notice. Second, companies like Pop Cap and EA are already prepping content for the service; the former has already postedPlants vs Zombies, and EA is on board with Poppit,Mirror's Edge 2D, Lords of Ultima and a handful of its sports licenses.

Above: Mirror's Edge 2D - surprisingly fun!

It's also big news for those of you looking for a way to sell and promote your indie games. Granted, you've already got the iPhone, Android and Xbox marketplaces, but hey, more options never hurt anybody. As for how the service actually works, and if it's really as big a deal as Google makes it out to be,head over thereto see for yourself. I've been clicking around for a while and so far have run into several apps not working or downloading properly, but uh, it's only been up for one day, right?

December 8, 2010