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GoldenEye 007 Wii and DS remake leaked

It's unofficial - Activision is publishing a GoldenEye 007 remake for the Wii and DS, possibly. A leaked survey with box art designs and concepts for a custom golden controller and golden gun Wiimote-holder-thingy were sent in to GoNintendo last week.

The survey states that the remake will feature Daniel Craig's likeness, all of the classic levels and weapons, four-player split-screen multiplayer, and eight-player online matches.

Eurogamer reported Friday that the games will be released this November, and that Activision intends to unveil them at E3 this month. The site doesn't reveal its source, however, and states that Activision did not comment, so the details are unconfirmed. If the information is legit, we'll see the game next week - c'mon Kotick!

Above: Is this what the box'll look like?

Assuming it's all for reals, we don't exactly know what to think. We've wanted this for years, but now that it's coming, we're a bundle of nerves. Complaining that it's on the Wii may be beating a dead B. Buttercup, but what can we say? We're a little disappointed that the alleged remake of one of our favorite games will be presented in glorious SD, and with crippled online multiplayer (though our fond memories of GoldenEye split-screen temper our dissatisfaction). And that aside, can Rare's achievement actually be repeated well enough to make us want to play a new version?

We can at least be confident that the original control scheme will be emulated with the Classic Controller Pro, given the supposed existence of a gold version:

Followour E3 coveragenext week, and if Activision makes an official announcement,we'llrace to a laptop to let you know.

Jun 7, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer