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Game of Thrones season 7’s first two episodes will feature Dragonglass and Dany’s new ally

(Image credit: HBO)

Want a taste of what’s about to go down in the first pair of Game of Thrones season 7 episodes? If yes, then scroll on down you lucky, lucky person. If not then shame but well done for fighting temptation. Except you want to look, don’t you? Go on. I won’t tell. And if you ignored all that and only read bold text, Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers follow…

The Toronto Sun were privy to two scenes being filmed for the opening season 7 episodes last October, with Jon Snow and Daenerys at the forefront of some important-sounding debates.

Jon Snow reveals in the opening episode to a gathered party of Sansa, Brienne, Ser Davos, Tormund and Lyanna Mormont that “Dragonglass kills White Walkers, and it’s now more valuable than gold.” It certainly sounds like Jon Snow’s eyes are prying North instead of down towards the Iron Throne. Maybe something changes his ambitions in the opening episode?

In the second episode, Dany and her motley crew of Tyrion, Theon and Yara, and Missandei are joined by Ellaria Sand and, crucially, Lady Olenna Tyrell. Plots are surely a-brewing with the group supposedly arguing for the best way to remove Cersei’s iron grip from the Iron Throne. Dorne and the Tyrells joining forces with the Mother of Dragons only spells trouble for the remaining Lannisters.

So, Jon is moving away from the Iron Throne and towards an even bigger danger, with a coalition of female forces, alongside Tyrion and Theon, are closing in on King’s Landing. That sets up the season nicely, that’s for sure.

Image: HBO

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