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Fortnite patch notes: Season 3 adds sharks, whirlpools, marauders, new weapons, and an aim assist nerf

(Image credit: Epic)

The (unofficial) Fortnite patch notes for season three are here and it looks like the theme for this season is all about the ocean. Aquaman has made his first appearance in Fortnite, much like Deadpool did last season, and there's a bunch of new aquatic based features to play with. Here are our unofficial Fortnite patch notes, in lieu of the non-existant official ones.

Fortnite Season 3 patch notes

First up in the Fortnite patch notes for season three are the two big additions/sharks and whirlpools. Sharks can be found in the water (obviously) and while they'll bite you if you get too close, you can latch on and take one for a ride.

Whirlpools seem akin to the geysers from Fortnite chapter one, in that they'll shoot you into the air and allow you to redeploy your glider for faster travel. They seem to be randomly placed in the water-based areas of the map.

While the henchmen have taken a dip to never return, marauders are the new AI enemies in the game. These folk will land on the island, rather than being found in specific locations.

There's a plethora of Fortnite new and unvaulted weapons too, most of which we've covered in our dedicated guide. The notable inclusions are the return of the Grappler and the brand new Charge Shotgun. There's also a brand new throwable item called the Firefly Jar, which seems similar to a molotov cocktail, and a mythical Bottomless Chug Jug which recharges over time instead of being completely consumed.

Fortnite patch notes: Season 3

Of course, the new features aren't everything. There are some smaller changes too, listed below.

  • Aim assist has been nerfed again.
  • SMG and AR headshot damage nerfed.
  • Tactical Shotgun damage nerfed.
  • Burst weapons shoot faster, but only two bullets per shot.
  • Natural consumables can be carried in your inventory.
  • Pump Shotgun has been vaulted.
  • Some dual handed pickaxes have a single hand version.

If we hear of any other updates confirmed by Epic in these latest Fortnite patch notes, we'll add them to this list.

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