Fallout 76 bobblehead locations: the best places to find the tiny Vault Boys

Bobbleheads have been a staple part of the Fallout franchise since Fallout 3 - except for Fallout: New Vegas. When you’re visiting these Fallout 76 bobblehead locations, you’ll be searching for these unmistakable small collectibles that can be found throughout the wide open post-apocalyptic wasteland. Discovering them would provide you with a permanent stat buff and you could display your collection of bobbleheads in your house or settlement.

But in Fallout 76, bobbleheads work slightly differently. There’s 20 different bobbleheads in total, but since the game is online, they can be found in hundreds of different spawn points. The actual bobblehead that spawns at each Fallout 76 bobblehead location is completely random, and there’s no guarantee it will even be there - another player may have already taken it or there’s a chance it just might not have spawned. In Fallout 76 they no longer give you a permanent stat boost, instead granting you an hour-long buff when they’re consumed from your inventory. 

Since there’s so many Fallout 76 bobblehead locations, some will be far easier to get than others - as long as you know where the spawn locations are, of course. With that said, here’s the five easiest Fallout 76 bobblehead locations we’ve found in each of the game’s six regions.