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Fallout 76 bobblehead locations: find those tiny Vault Boys and boost your SPECIAL skills

Widow’s Perch

Directly south of the Charleston Capitol Building and Riverside Manor is Widow’s Perch, a small lookout area featuring an enormous billboard. Head up the back then jump over to the rickety bridge and a bobblehead can spawn right at the end, near one of the wooden support beams.

The Rusty Pick

Go west and you’ll find The Rusty Pick defended by a few robots and turrets. Take them all out then head inside, navigating through the corridors and into the mine. Go right to the bottom and when you reach the very end of the cavern, look behind an overturned barrel by some containers in netting to find a chap lying on his back.

Rollins Work Camp

South from both Widow’s Perch and The Rusty Pick is Rollins Work Camp. There’s little in the way of enemies here - we just had a few Mole Rats - as it’s a pretty small area. Go to the huge excavator then walk round to the other side and climb the red metal stairs to gain access to the roof. Underneath the main winch cables is a possible spawn, sat on the floor in the open.

Camden Park

Right on the border of Ash Heap is Camden Park, the huge carnival populated by Scorched and friendly robots who want you to work for them. Make your way inside and go to the very middle of the enormous Widow Maker ride - watch out for floor traps and spiked boards though! The central area has a lot of decent loot, along with this potential bobblehead spawn on the north side of the Raider camp.


Beckley is directly south of Camden Park and when you get there, you’ll realise sticking to the rooftops is the way to go. Hop across all of the shacks and walkways connecting the different buildings until you get to the gas station. Directly south is an inaccessible shop - make your way onto the roof then look for the rusted air vent that curls around as seen in the picture. On the inside of the curve is a bobblehead spawn.

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