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Fallout 76 bobblehead locations: find those tiny Vault Boys and boost your SPECIAL skills

The Whitespring Golf Club

Despite being an absolutely enormous area, the Whitespring only has a couple of bobblehead spawns and this one is by far the easiest to get. Head into the Whitespring Golf Club building and on the bottom floor is a shoe-shine counter. Crouch behind it and look for the shelf at the far left end for a bobblehead spawn. He’ll usually be stood up; ours had fallen off as we killed a couple of Feral Ghouls to get here.

Sons of Dane Compound

To the north side of the Savage Divide now and you’ll find the Sons of Dane Compound between the Atlas Observatory and Hopewell Cave. It’s usually inhabited by Super Mutants or Scorched but there’s nothing too tricky here. When you’ve cleared the area, head inside The Buck’s Den - the large barn - and check the amplifier on the left side of the stage with the instruments for a bobblehead.

Make sure you also walk slightly north to the shooting range and check the left-most cinder block too, because there’s another one that can spawn out there.

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort Gondola

Right next to the Top of the World is Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. It’s usually got a few not-so-friendly Scorched or Mole Miners but when you’ve got free roam of the place, there’s actually three different easy-to-find bobbleheads here. The first one is at the eastern side, up on the camp defences, sat on the red gondola.

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort Vendor Bot

Go inside the main building and you’ll find the Raider Vendor Bot behind its counter, begging you to buy some weapons. Just on the shelf next to it is another bobblehead, pretending to be one of the three teddy bears.

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort Employees Only

The final bobblehead here is inside the Employees Only office in the main lodge. Look between the destroyed terminal and the desk fan, underneath the Uncanny Caverns logo to find it.

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