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Fallout 76 bobblehead locations: find those tiny Vault Boys and boost your SPECIAL skills

Southhampton Estate

Starting off with the Southhampton Estate, directly north of Ella Ames’ Bunker, and you can find a bobblehead upstairs in the main building. He’s on the corner of the lopsided bed, trying his darndest to stay upright.

Crevasse Dam

Crevasse Dam is to the south-west of the Southhampton Estate and is another location with puny Super Mutants. It may seem tricky to get inside here with the number of Super Mutants but trust us: with the Scorchbeast sleeping directly west next to Mosstown, this is much easier to get to. Head inside the second smaller building at Crevasse Dam and up the stairs to find a bobblehead in the computer alcove. It may have fallen off and be on the floor like ours is in the screenshot.

Dyer Chemical

Dyer Chemical is a location infested with high-level robots, but this bobblehead is found right on the edge and is much easier to get than a couple of other spawn locations inside. Put your best sneaking cap on and head inside the “Welcome” office in the south side. There will be a trail of bottle caps on the floor; follow them inside, but avoid the painfully obvious bear trap in the corner. Opposite the trap is this chap sat at the bottom of the open filing cabinets.

Sunday Brothers’ Cabin

To the south side of The Mire now and directly west of Harpers Ferry is the Sunday Brothers’ Cabin. There’s usually just a couple of Feral Mongrels here so it’s not a tricky place to be at; the hardest part of this bobblehead is gaining access to the roof of the red barn. You need to jump on the barrels in the very corner of the barn then keep jumping up to the roof. If you don’t do it right at first, try it from another angle. When you eventually get up there, look for this bobblehead below the weather vane.

Big B’s Rest Stop

Go directly south-east from the Sunday Brothers’ Cabin to find Big B’s Rest Stop. Big B clearly liked to sleep open to the elements as you can find a bobblehead up the stairs and on the roof, underneath the single bed.

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