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Fallout 76 bobblehead locations: find those tiny Vault Boys and boost your SPECIAL skills

Alpine River Cabins

One of the first locations on the Fallout 76 map that you can reach when you leave Vault 76 are the Alpine River Cabins. Ignore the seemingly spooky happenings for a moment and head inside the south-east cabin. Check the corner of the bunk bed for a potential spawn.

If you’re lucky, you may also find one in the southernmost cabin with the bearskin rug, underneath the bunk bed on the floor.

Marigold Pavilion

Up the western side of the map is Point Pleasant, complete with the Mothman Museum. Right behind the town, on the hillside, is Marigold Pavilion, which contains a bobblehead spawn location up the stairs and between the two sleeping bags on the floor.

Darling Sister’s Lab

Further up the western side of the map and directly north of the Tyler County Fairgrounds is Darling Sister’s Lab. This place won’t have many enemies nearby at all and if you jump on top of the caravan with the “welkom” greeting above the doorway, you can find a bobblehead between this crate and the green chair.

Morgantown High School Office

While Morgantown High School will undoubtedly have a number of Scorched inside the building, they’re all pretty low levelled and you’ll swing by the building early on in the game as part of the main quest line. This is one of two easy-to-get bobbleheads in the building; just look for the locked office with blue and white chequered wallpaper and you can find it on this empty bookshelf.

Morgantown High School Boys’ Toilets

The other bobblehead inside Morgantown High School is found in the boys’ toilets. Check inside all the stalls and you may find one of these cheeky chaps sat next to the flush button.

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