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These were all the PS4 games that featured in the Amazon Prime Day sale

Every PS4 game in Amazon Prime Day's sale
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***Update: Prime Day is over, and these deals have now expired***

Every PS4 game in the Amazon Prime Day sale was already worth buying and playing, but their latest discounts make each one even more attractive a purchase than before. We've got everything, from prices slashed on the likes of God of War (opens in new tab), Spider-Man PS4 (opens in new tab), and even Cyberpunk 2077 (opens in new tab) (yes, really), and have listed every single deal below, no matter whether you're based in the UK or stateside. 

Things sell out fast and if you don't grab whatever you've got your eye on, it could be gone.

Running between July 15-16 2019, Amazon Prime Day kicks off at midnight on Sunday (3am ET) and doesn’t finish until midnight on Tuesday. For those counting, that gives us 48 straight hours of offers. If there’s something specific you’d like that hasn’t yet gone on sale, we’d recommend whacking it in your basket and coming back later to see if the price has dropped. That way you’re ready to go if / when the cost comes down. This neat trick will save you trawling through every PS4 game in Amazon Prime Day’s sale and wasting precious time.

There’s one thing to bear in mind, though; you need to be an Amazon Prime (opens in new tab) member to take part in Prime Day. There are plenty of incentives to join, luckily, and you can get a free 30-day trial before putting cash down anyway. And if you don’t fancy keeping your subscription after the event is over? Simply quit once that free trial period expires. Nice! And if you need a new console, here's our guide to the best PS4 bundle deals (opens in new tab) too.

US PS4 game deals (expired)

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UK PS4 game deals (expired)

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To get more PlayStation-related bargains, don’t miss these cheap PS4 deals (opens in new tab) (if you’re based in the UK, check out this version (opens in new tab) instead). As well as hits like Spider-Man, it also includes must-have PS4 accessories (opens in new tab) that range from PS Plus deals (opens in new tab) to the best PS4 headsets (opens in new tab).

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