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Destiny: Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Cluster locations

King of the Mountain - Iron Lords 2.9, Fallen 3.0

You'll be thrown into the first mission without much ceremony, and as you rush to defend the mountain, you can grab a couple of Dormant SIVA clusters along the way.

Iron Lords 2.9

Make your way up Felwinter Peak and board the gondola.

When the ride comes to an abrupt end, drop down onto the path below.

Follow it straight to the edge ahead of you.

Look over the edge and to the right to spot a small ledge behind the clump of rocks next to you. 

Jump over to find the cluster.

Fallen 3.0

As you follow Sepiks, you'll pass through a tower to reach the Iron Temple.

We need to get ourselves to the top of it.

Cross the bridge to the temple and get up behind the pillars on the left.

We need to wait here for the Fallen ship to come in and drop off more Fallen. This happens at intervals and will stop eventually, so be warned.

When it pulls in, sprint and jump over. This ledge will position you perfectly to carry this off.

The ship will leave, passing by the top of the tower. I found it helpful to crouch near the flags and move along with it.

Leap to the tower when you're in range. You'll find the cluster at the top.

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