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Destiny 2 players figured out the anomaly, so here's how to score your own Black Spindle Exotic sniper rifle

Destiny 2 players are busy preparing their hearts, minds, and inventories for the Forsaken expansion in September, but now a few players have stumbled up on a secret mission that rewards them with a revamped version of the Black Spindle Exotic sniper, called Whisper of the Worm.

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To find the mission for yourself, you'll need to go to Io and wait for public events to spawn. To access this mission - called The Whisper - you'll specifically need the Taken Blight public event. 

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Once it starts, keep an eye out for a named Taken Knight who'll leg it and retreat to a cave. Kill him before he leaves the cave and a portal will appear nearby. If you activate the portal, you'll be able to enter a Lost Sector and find a secret area. 

Lost already? Don't worry, Destiny 2 experts like Datto are already sharing their experiences online.

Developer Bungie has let Guardians know that the anomaly will close soon, so if you haven't got your Whisper of the Worm yet either plan to stay up late... or be tormented by regret until the anomaly opens again.

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