Death Stranding pre-order gets you gold glasses, hat, armor, and a gold "speed skeleton"... whatever that is

After months of speculation and fan theories it looks like Death Stranding is definitely now a reality, as the Death Stranding pre-order page for Hideo Kojima's game, centred around Norman Reeedus' delivery guy and some pretty weird shenanigans, is finally live on the PlayStation Store. At the moment it'll cost you £49.99 / $59.99 to reserve a copy of Kojima's game for yourself, with the Death Stranding release date confirmed for November 8, 2019. 

If you needed even more Death Stranding-related news to get excited about, you'll be positively thrilled to hear that you get a chunk of stuff for signing up for a Death Stranding pre-order. Namely, a chunk of gold stuff. Anyone who shells out for Death Stranding before its release gets a gold pair of sunglasses, gold armor plating, a gold hat, and a gold speed skeleton. 

That last item looks like it's a kind of exoskeleton that'll let Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus' character) sprint super speedily across the game, but you won't get it as soon as you begin playing. The smallprint on the pre-order page states that "in-game items unlock via story progression", so don't be alarmed if you can't find all of your bling right away in November. 

The physical Collector's Edition (seen above), meanwhile, is even crazier, but will set you back $200 if you're wanting to get your hands on it. Alongside all the in-game goodies of the digital edition, the North American product includes a custom steelbook, Ludens keychain, a life-size Bridge Baby Pod, and a Bridges Cargo Case.

It's unclear whether this Collector's Edition will be exclusive to North America, or available in Europe and elsewhere, but its currently available to pre-purchase from Best Buy if you do happen to live in the US. On top of all that, a Special Edition of the game is also available, which only comes with the digital OST and an in-game cosmetic item.  

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