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Comic-Con 2010: Tron: Legacy footage unveiled

Tron Legacy


Comic-Con 2010: A mind-blowing eight minutes of previously unseen Tron: Legacy footage was unveiled today at the first full day of Comic-Con business.

As part of the film’s third visit to the Con ahead of its December release date, the sneak peek came during a panel discussion with the movie’s cast and crew.

During their talks, head boy Garrett Hedlund noted that his figure-hugging lycra suit was “the wardrobe of a lifetime”, while Olivia Wilde (looking very lovely indeed) called her character “mysterious and smart, a fearless warrior”.

Quote of the day, though, came courtesy of our very own Michael Sheen, who said: “ Tron: Legacy is actually a 4D movie – Jeff Bridges brings an extra dimension of awesomeness.” We don’t doubt it.

But what was this new footage? Only an almost entirely complete scene, which starts as Hedlund’s Sam (son to Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn) appears to have found himself inside a computer environment. “This isn’t happening,” he breathes, as he’s apprehended by soldiers in orange light suits.

Lightning crackles ominously, and he’s carried off to a hub where one terrified programme-man screams “erase me!” before casting himself into a whirring fan that destroys him.

Sam is then taken into a dark room (no, not that kind), where four female programmes strip him bare and his light suit materialises. “He is different,” notes one, before informing Sam that his one goal is to “survive”.

Promptly, he’s shipped off into what looks like a giant futuristic Wembley arena to fight for his life. The montage that follows shows off some stunning fight choreography, in which conquered competitors are smashed into tiny pieces, and vertigo-inducing face-offs make us feel distinctly queasy… and then Jeff Bridges appears as his 35-year-old face-lifted self.

“I’m not your father, Sam,” he growls. “But I’m very, very happy to see you...”

Needless to say, this is as slick as it gets. Presented in full-on 3D, the footage had the fanboy inside of us screaming and jumping around like one of those magnetic jeallybeans. Paired with Daft Punk’s tremendous pulsating score, it's a wonder we didn't bust a rib in excitement.

We wanted to settle into our seats and watch the rest. But, like you, we’ll be waiting until December. And yes, with bated breath.

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