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Comic-Con 2010: Super footage unveiled

Nathan Fillion


Comic-Con 2010: Move over Kick-Ass , James Gunn is in town, and he’s brought his own ‘real life superhero’ story with him.

The Slither director showed off the first trailer for his new film Super today – in fact, it’s so new that the excerpt was “unmixed, uncoloured and untimed”, according to Gunn.

Not that we noticed. Revealing Rainn Wilson as a man whose wife leaves him, the trailer tracks his transformation into vigilante superhero Crimson Bolt as he attempts to win her back.

It also gave us a glimpse of Ellen Page going goofy (in a wannabe superhero role that should earn her a fair amount of chuckles), while Nathan Fillion’s Holy Avenger proved the most popular – a cross-dressing supervillain replete with dodgy wig.

As racuous as you might expect considering those involved, this looks meaner than cousin Kick-Ass - a fact confirmed by the bit where Page blows up a dodgy type by chucking a stick of dynamite at him...

In cinemas this week...