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Cars 2 gets a new trailer

cars 2 trailer

Cars 2 has a new trailer giving us a proper introduction to Michael Caine's British superspy car Finn McMissile.

The trailer also gives away more plot info, and includes a whistlestop tour around the globe as Lightning McQueen and Mater take part in the world Grand Prix, helping McMissile on his top secret mission along the way.

You can see the trailer below;

Now doesn't that look like fun? Cars is oft considered a lesser sibling to some Pixar output, but it was also aimed at a younger audience than the adult-baiting Toy Story and Incredibles .

This trailer proves there's plenty of Pixar magic for fans of all ages, promising an action-packed affair with plenty of spy-movie parodying stunts.

The humour might be a little first-base for some tastes though, as it seems to mostly rely on poking fun at cultural stereotypes via Mater's red neck pick-up truck.

Suffice to say, it's a fairly safe bet that this will make money, on both box-office and merchandise.

Also released today are series of vintage-style Cars 2 posters, which you can see below;

cars 2 poster

cars 2 poster

cars 2 poster

cars 2 poster