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Cameron Diaz signs up for raunchy comedy

Cameron Diaz will be heading back to school next year for Bad Teacher - and she's going to be living up to the title.

The actress's latest naughty romcom centers on a cussing-and-swearing, gold-digging middle-school teacher (we like her already) who doesn't take too kindly to being dumped by her boyfriend. Her way of dealing? To compete with a colleague to woo another teacher at the school.

Yes. Bad. Teacher.

Jake Kasdan ( Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story ) will direct the movie from a script by The Office' s Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

You'd think we'd be bouncing for joy at the thought of the writers of such a fine show penning this, but seeing as their last effort was the abysmal Jack Black caveman-com Year One , we might hold back on the glee for now.

Still, they co-wrote that with Year One 's director Harold Ramis, so perhaps that had something to do with the end result.

Either way, filming on the Sony flick begins in Los Angeles in the spring. Teenage boys everywhere are preparing to fantasise that Diaz will make them stay after class...

Reckon this might be the new There's Something About Mary , or could it end up as a sexed-up Grange Hill ? Give us your reaction below...

[Source: Variety ]